The Institute offers three main grades of membership – Associate, Member and Fellow. New members must generally complete an Introduction Course after which they may enter the Institute as an Associate. Those who develop a greater level of arbitral knowledge can then move on to qualify as a Member and then a Fellow. Accelerated routes to Membership and Fellowship are also available for suitably qualified and experienced applicants.

Although the Institute headquarters is based in the UK, membership is international. The Institute currently has over 16,000 members in 133 countries worldwide, with approximately half of the total membership being based outside the UK. They are supported by an international network of 39 branches, of which the East Asia Branch is the largest, with over 2,000 members.

The membership represents a wide variety of professions including Accountancy, Banking, Construction, Engineering, Insurance, IT, Law, Medicine, Property and Shipping. Members are entitled to a range of benefits, including the use of post-nominal letters, access to Institute facilities and the opportunity to participate in the Institute’s professional indemnity insurance scheme. For more information, please visit

The Institute offers FREE student membership for university or other higher education students with an interest in alternative dispute resolution. For further details, please visit

For further information about membership, please visit:

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