East Asia Branch

Where is "East Asia" for Branch purposes?

Since the amendment to the constitution in 1999, the Branch designation has been " The East Asia Branch ", and this is defined to mean the geographical area of Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, Taiwan and Indonesia. Thailand and Singapore, formerly part of the East Asia Branch, were constituted as a separate branches in 2003 and February 2010 respecfively.

What do we do?

The objectives of the Branch are to provide a regional organisation for Members of the Institute (Fellows, Members and Associates) who are resident in East Asia generally. The purpose is to promote, encourage and facilitate the practice of settlement of disputes by arbitration and other means of dispute resolution, and to support and promote the status and interests of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. This includes:

(1) providing education and training in areas including the law and practice relating to arbitration for those practising or wishing to practise as arbitrators; the reading of papers, delivery of lectures, etc.
(2) holding demonstration arbitrations and the acquisition and dissemination by other means of useful information connected with arbitration;
(3) promoting improvements in the law relating to arbitration and in the general practice of arbitration; and
(4) promoting and protecting the interests of the public in relation to the conduct of arbitrations as a means of resolving disputes.
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